The democratic traditions of our country are at risk.

That is why Global Exchange is launching Town Hall Summer – a campaign to unify diverse struggles, build community power, and claim our democracy.

We will be hosting inspiring Town Hall Summer events with partners across the country from June to September, and you’re invited.

Town Hall Summer is bringing together people and organizations concerned about their communities and looking to drive a powerful, people-first agenda that embraces many priorities like the struggle for immigrant rights, ending police violence, health care justice, the fight for workers rights, economic justice, climate justice, and voting rights for all.

In UNITY, we have the power to fight and win.

It won’t be easy. Our opponents are rich and powerful, but together we can generate an unstoppable democratic wave that can change the future of our nation and even the world.

Global Exchange is a 501c3 non-profit organization and will not make candidate endorsements or work with parties or political campaigns. What we will do is work with friends and allies we’ve made during 30 years of struggle to build a rainbow of resistance and share the skills and capacities needed for the long fight ahead.

As Martin Luther King said, the arc of history bends toward justice. But it never bends by itself. Join us.

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